who we are

One of the things that make us different is that, Elaine, the founder, is at the shelter volunteering and sees many of the Professors of Love up close and personal. Medical notes don’t always indicate how urgent a dog can be in reality. Seeing them in person can add urgency, dimension and sensitivity.

Many rescues are limited by funds and our goal and what we do is to provide the funds necessary to help a dog in extreme need of care that the shelter is unable to provide. When there are funds, it is proven, safety comes quicker. Love comes quicker. And, medical help comes quicker.

Thank you for your support – it means the world to us and more importantly, to the precious Professors of Love waiting for help.

The At-Choo Foundation is based in Los Angeles.



Lance Hunter

Master of Staying the Course/Sanity Provider/President



Cindy Kreeger

Reality Provider/Research Detective/Treasurer



Elaine Seamans

Trench Fairy/Founder/Secretary