Why? Because Compassion Matters.

Many times at shelters, there are dogs with conditions that can’t be diagnosed or treated due the shelter lacking funds. Sadly, while they wait to be rescued or adopted, these packages of Unconditional Love must deal with their pain in whatever way they can.

Sometimes the untreated condition continues to do damage to the dog. This lessens a dog’s chance to be saved and more importantly, is just simply, horrible for any pet to deal with.

These dogs are alone in a stress filled environment with a heightened sense of smell, sensing more than what any normal human being is aware of. They have no one telling them on a consistent basis that they are loved. They have no one telling them things are going to be ok and that they matter. AND they have no one in their corner making sure they get the extra medical help that they desperately need. They are in immense discomfort.

Our goal is to change that.

After years of volunteering at Baldwin Park Shelter, I (Elaine Seamans) have seen things that vets only read about in school. Things that can break a soul, things that civiliansdon’t want to hear about. These things, these illnesses, conditions and abuses need to be treated, but due to the lack of funds the little Professors of Love with furry bodies must wait.

In honor of all the dogs who I’ve seen needing more care than they were able to get while in a shelter, in honor of every scared dog who trembled, every dog who just needed a kind voice and gentle encouragement to unzip their coat of fear, every dog who stopped wagging their tail until someone showed them that they matter, every dog who needed just one person to care, in honor of Penelope, a doxie who was diabetic and losing her sight, of Snoopy, a beagle mix who was blind in one eye, migraine pain in her other eye that had glaucoma, of Missy, a plump Chihuahua mix who was blind and on her way to being bald due to Cushings disease, and all the many others yet to come, AT-CHOO FOUNDATION has been created.

At-Choo Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) approved by the federal government on August 6, 2015.
EIN; 47-4427-209
CORP; 3784789