Elves make things happen. They work together and get things done. They are magical. If you would like to become an Elf and help vulnerable souls in shelters who need a miracle in the form of medical help, safety and love on a forever and ever basis, your donation will mean the world to them. It is 100%  tax deductible and a billion percent appreciated!

A donation of $1 – $100 makes you an Elf.

A donation of $101 – $499 makes you a Fairy Elf.

A donation of $500 – $999 makes you a yummy Sugar Coated Elf.

A donation of $1000 + transforms you into a Miracle Worker.

Paypal is

If you would like to mail a donation in, our address is;
At-Choo Foundation
PO Box 2682
Toluca Lake, CA 91610

We can’t do this without wonderful humans helping. It is extraordinarily humbling to have people and companies wanting to donate, believing and sharing in our passion and determination for helping these precious souls in need. Every $ represents hope, care, love and safety. EACH donation is applauded, no matter the amount. It all adds up and the results are miracles.

AND every donation is gloriously 100% tax deductible! And a BILLION % appreciated!