Prof. Wiley and his Overbite

My knees went weak when I saw him at a senior adoption event. His overbite, his German Shepherd beezer on a little Dachshund-ish body was too much for me to bear.

Then I read his medical and looked at his teeth – the few that were there. Oh oh.

He had so much medical that the shelter didn’t charge a fee when I went to Long Beach and scooped him up. At the vet, we learned he had fistulas up into his nasal cavity that was being eaten away by his dental disease. Along with his severe arthritis and his heart murmur, he got a treacherous dental with lots of stitches in place when I picked him back up. His mouth was the worst his vet had ever seen! There were STRICT orders to not let him rub his face on anything, claw at his mouth, he could only have soft food and if those stitches came loose – well, it’d be off to a specialist. His bill was already over $2k, so his healing just HAD to work out perfectly!

Prof. Wiley (who looked like a baby coyote at times) was always in my lap, sleeping next to me, while my own dog ‘dealt’ with our new patient. Few got good sleep, aside from 8 pounder wee Prof. Wiley, because with his trememdous overbite, he snored like a freight train! This little boy is probably one of the most gentle, easiest, sweet boys I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Once he was all dressed up in a fancy red bow and we had the aok from his vet (yay! his stitches had healed!), off we went and he met his new family. And, duh, they ADORE him! It was meant to be, since they got a kiss and I never did! It just shows that fate, yet again, lined things up just perfectly. Congrats wee Prof. Wiley!

Prof. Wiley and his Overbite