Prof. Rambo – Shepherd with patches of raw skin

Seeing him in person told me that he was going to be on the euthanasia list the next day. And so it was.

Raw skin was in patches all over his body. Discomfort? Umm, yup. It seemed he had an autoimmune condition called Pemphigus. He was also underweight. Another tidbit was that he had been adopted from the shelter 7 years ago. Now he was back again.

Working hard yielded safety for him by the time the clock was going to tick tock for the last time. His name is Prof. Rambo.

His rescue, Leave No Paws Behind, got him to the vet lickity split where he proved to be just the smartest and nicest boy. He knows some commands, wags his tail and makes everyone smile with his happiness. He is healing, with his skin starting to grow magical fur again.

Interesting fact: tests have been done and he does not have any autoimmune condition as was once thought. At the moment, more tests are being done to learn just what happened to this sweetheart of a Professor.

Prof. Rambo – Shepherd with patches of raw skin