Mrs. Rune Goldberg, doxie mix with 2 lb mass

Sometimes, something yummy appears, something so risking everything for and I just CAN’T WAIT! I just have to ACT! And so it was……

And nope, she didn’t eat a basketball and NO, she is NOT pregnant. I got that question over and over regarding how many pups she’ll have and how old can a dog be to have pups, while waiting at the vet after getting her out of the shelter as a ‘humane foster’.

Professor Rune Goldberg is one such yummy – “gotta act NOW’ situation. 10 yrs old (estimated) Dachshund mix is this yummy subject. So here goes;

-obvious mass on the verge of rupturing
-quarter size mass near her spine
-tartar on teeth
-some cloudiness in eyes
-skinny with spine and hip bones showing (has good appetite, tho)
-anemic (pale gums) – got fluids to help
-long nails (those were trimmed)
-considered ‘animal abuse’ by outside vet

-good lungs and heart!
-sweet and trusting. seems non reactive to other dogs.

2 rescues said yes to her! Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals and Lionel’s Legacy! I LOVE them!

Forward we go! Can’t change her past, but sure can help her future to be a dream!

Prof. Mrs. Goldberg spent time at the ocean after leaving the vet and before she met her rescue.  We learned she was quite interested in some squirrels there. Then she went to a store for yummy snacks and got that thing that means so very much that shows they are loved and that they ‘belong’ – she got a collar and tag with her name/phone number on it.

Surgery removed a 2 pound (!) mass and a lipoma.  She once weighed 13.5 pounds and now she weighs 11.5. Prof. Mrs. Goldberg is recovering and once she does that and puts on some needed poundage, she’ll have a second surgery to remove more masses, be spayed and have a dental. Major make-over! So happy for her to not be feeling like she’s got a house on top of her anymore!

Prof. Mrs. Goldberg went in for her second round of surgeries, after healing and having so much fun with her foster siblings and being able to lounge around on giant, soft dog beds. It was discovered that a LOT of masses had now popped up and she was filled with cancer.

She is now free from all pain, knowing that so many loved her and tried to hard to help her. They joy she felt in the time between being at the shelter and in final day on Earth helps to heal the hearts of those of us who were lucky enough to meet her.

IF she had been spayed, it is most likely none of this would have happened. She will always be an inspiration for love and making sure being spayed/neutered is a priority.


Mrs. Rune Goldberg, doxie mix with 2 lb mass