Mrs. Rune Goldberg, doxie mix with 2 lb mass

Sometimes, something yummy appears, something so risking everything for and I just CAN’T WAIT! I just have to ACT! And so it was……

And nope, she didn’t eat a basketball and NO, she is NOT pregnant. I got that question over and over regarding how many pups she’ll have and how old can a dog be to have pups, while waiting at the vet after getting her out of the shelter as a ‘humane foster’.

Professor Rune Goldberg is one such yummy – “gotta act NOW’ situation. 10 yrs old (estimated) Dachshund mix is this yummy subject. So here goes;

-obvious mass on the verge of rupturing
-quarter size mass near her spine
-tartar on teeth
-some cloudiness in eyes
-skinny with spine and hip bones showing (has good appetite, tho)
-anemic (pale gums) – got fluids to help
-long nails (those were trimmed)
-considered ‘animal abuse’ by outside vet
-good lungs and heart!
-sweet and trusting. seems non reactive to other dogs.

2 rescues said yes to her! Synergy; a rescue, rehab & sanctuary for special needs animals and Lionel’s Legacy! I LOVE them!

Forward we go! Can’t change her past, but sure can help her future to be a dream!

Prof. Mrs. Goldberg spent time at the ocean after leaving the vet and before she met her rescue.  We learned she was quite interested in some squirrels there. Then she went to a store for yummy snacks and got that thing that means so very much that shows they are loved and that they ‘belong’ – she got a collar and tag with her name/phone number on it.

Surgery removed a 2 pound (!) mass and a lipoma.  She once weighed 13.5 pounds and now she weighs 11.5. Prof. Mrs. Goldberg is recovering and once she does that and puts on some needed poundage, she’ll have a second surgery to remove more masses, be spayed and have a dental. Major make-over! So happy for her to not be feeling like she’s got a house on top of her anymore!


Mrs. Rune Goldberg, doxie mix with 2 lb mass