Birdie, 15 yr old emaciated chi with 2 teeth

She’s only about 5 pounds, has 2 teeth. One is ok, the other is horrifically decayed. Add a BIG hernia, severely dehydrated, emaciated, barely able to eat and oh yeah, sick on top of all that.

Oops, I almost forgot – she has a hard time standing without falling over and ‘knuckles’ her paws.

This video says it all:

Professor of Love, Birdie has been rescued (thank you to Leave No Paws Behind) and at the I originally wrote this, she was is in “critical guarded condition”. Due to her dire condition, she was able to be released from the shelter as a ‘humane foster’. There was no way she would have survived the night there.

Little Prof. Birdie was so dehydrated that it was impossible to draw blood. Luckily, that changed and the news is that her blood shows starvation, but all other levels seem to be ok. Her x-ray has showed nothing unusual, which is great. She has made it through the first night and then stopped eating. Without a feeding tube, she would not survive and yet, a feeding tube would be risky to insert, since she would have to be sedated. Her heart slowed way down, but it didn’t stop and she will now be able to get some nutrients and hopefully gain some weight – the feeding tube was inserted successfully! Prof. Birdie needs to, at least, double her weight.

Without hope, a will to survive and love, it’s very challenging to recover from such drastic lack of care. Prof. Birdie has that will and no matter what happens, she has had more love and care than in her entire life.

At the moment, while I write this, it’s one day at a time.

It is heartbreaking to update that Prof. Birdie stopped eating and it was clear it was ‘time’ for her to leave this world. She was loved by all who were lucky enough to meet her and also by those who only saw her pictures and video.

She left this world with hands on her of just some of many who loved her.

Prof. Birdie, you will always be remembered.

Birdie, 15 yr old emaciated chi with 2 teeth