Valentino – the cat who is touching people around the world

Going into the shelter looking for what dog might need our help resulted in a surprise. Finding this cat who was in the worst condition I had ever seen. Wobbly, weak with the tiniest ‘meow’ and limp in my arms. I was ready to add an * to our mission statement to include helping him, even though he wasn’t a dog.  However, that was not needed, since I thankfully knew who to contact right away to help him.

Leave No Paws Behind got there within 2 hours and he is now getting all that he needs with funds coming in from around the world. Who knew he would be so powerful? He has touched people well beyond our borders with his story filling up (at least) 10 pages on Google with so many stories written about him in so many different languages.

Valentino (named in honor of Valentines Day), was a stray, 2-5 yrs old, suffering from severe sarcoptic mange and (later we learned) ringworm (both contagious), along with other medical conditions. He was filled with so much infection that his eyes were swollen shut. That infection was eating up his glucose and he came close to departing this world. Close, but ‘no cigar’, luckily.

He is now purring, gobbling up his food and I HOPE, inspiring others to go to shelters and look in the medical ward for those who need the most help. That’s where I go. The rewards are huge. Right, Valentino?

So, while Valentino hasn’t needed our funds, his story is being shared to show that there are so many surprises in shelters that can change lives and fill hearts. Some things, as we all know, are more important than material things. Like love, kindness and compassion.

Valentino being a silly boy on his scratching sofa that he LOVES and in his foster home.

Valentino – the cat who is touching people around the world