Cinnamon, now able to breath again


I went to see a sarcoptic cat in medical in the shelter and this little Professor caught my eye. She was trying to breathe and was struggling. Opening her mouth to get air and her tiny tummy was pushing air out, hard at work. She was losing weight.

Professor of Love, Cinnamon is exactly why the At-Choo Foundation was created.

In extreme discomfort and needing out IMMEDIATELY, reaching out to an incredible rescue with funds attached got her the safety she was desperate for.

The foundation commits funds to medical care so that safety comes quicker. And it works.

This 9 yr old was rescued ASAP and got treatment for what I was fearing – pneumonia. She did so well, it was shocking, but then declined, struggling and spent last weekend in the hospital. She is now doing much better! Has an appetite, which is so important and a big sign of a dog’s health. I know her rescue, Frosted Faces Foundation will make sure she gets all she needs and the At-Choo Foundation is so happy to help!

Every animal is an individual and with their own personality and with a mission for why they are here.

  Prof. Cinna in her forever home, all healthy and happy!

Cinnamon, now able to breath again