Goliath, Pit/English Bull Dog Mix


Goliath is 7 yrs old, a PIT/ENGLISH BULL DOG mix and is 51 pounds. Due to being ‘dog aggressive’, he was available ONLY to rescue with a waiver needing to be signed. Easy? Nope! But, giving up is never an option. Each Professor of Love deserves to be loved and cared for. And no matter his opinions on other dogs, he’s just a doll with people.

Goliath has great trouble walking – his back legs struggle to support him and can crumble beneath him. Even with that, he just kept getting up and going forward! A true Professor of Love – so inspiring!

His fur is 90% missing, aside from his glorious, kissable head and his paws. The smell of yeast comes from him and his body is furless and red with some hot spots. And you know what? Yup, we can affect change and beauty and love for this Professor of Love. HOPE is always there, ESPECIALLY for a gentleman such as Goliath.

Against all odds, he found safety thanks to the rescue, Harlee’s Angels and just in the nic of time, since he had green coming from his nose – he was sick.

After seeing an outside vet, we now know that Professor Goliath has a thyroid issue, hence his missing fur and oily skin. He also has a spine issue and is missing the sockets in his hips. That causes his rear legs to give out. He will be getting wheels and I can only say, “Watch out world!” since he is full of determination!

His rescue and now home says that there is not a mean bone in his body. He is so loved and that is so beautiful! He deserves nothing less.

Goliath, Pit/English Bull Dog Mix