Muneca, 18 yr old Dachshund




 The heavens opened up and I found the one we needed to help. She was THE ONE. Professor of Love, Muneca .

She is 18 yrs old, blind, has about 3 teeeth, is 8 wee pounds and is a sweet, perfect purebred Dachshund, aka weenie dog, sausage dog, comedian of the dog world. She arrived covered in fleas and was given flea meds and a bath right away.

John Hwang met me at Baldwin Park Shelter and he took the powerful photos that you see. They resulted in an avalanche of concerned people spreading far and wide as a result of this article on The Dodo;


Surprisingly, her vet visit yielded some heart issues, but not much else. Thx to the Frosted Faces Foundation, she is now with a forever home, sleeping a lot and passed around as if the new baby in the family. Love will always be in full supply for Professor of Love, Muneca.


Muneca, 18 yr old Dachshund