Penny, the Dachshund with medical and now a HOME

She was in a California Shelter and said to be ‘healthy’. Somehow that just seemed a bit too easy. And sure nuff, she has mammary masses like I’ve never see before – so big they hang on the ground and affect her walking.

Her teeth – well, she’s got about 8 of them and they are so rotten, they all need to come out.

And she has an infection in her uterus.

She was said to be around 10. Other vets say she is 18-21 yrs old.

Luckily, none of that mattered and she has been wagging her tail since being adopted by a very kind and compassionate person who drove from south of Los Angeles to basically central California to save this Professor of Love. Prof. Penny.

We have already sent $500 to go towards her estimated $3k bill for her dental, spay, mass removal, blood work, x-rays and all the pain meds etc to make sure this wee Professor will be ok. We have lately sent in an additional $215.


Prof. Penny now has a chance, has love and very important medical care.

Compassion matters.


Penny, the Dachshund with medical and now a HOME