Maria, the Pit who loved people

Musical Maria isn’t for the average person – she needed someone special to help her. Calling on the ‘big guns’ for help Musical Maria who had the cards stacked against her. She has a few masses, dislocated hips, is a Pit mix and is rescue only. The GOOD news is that she has the sweetest personality – so very loving to people. And then there’s the pleading in her eyes……All Musical Maria wants to do is to wag her tail to the beat of your heart. She leaned against the kennel door, aching for pets and reaching for my hand with her paw. Licking my hand was all part of her motives to pull me into her heart as she moved into mine. So, to cut to the chase, she is INCREDIBLY sweet, wagging her tail, coming to the kennel door and being so dear.

Her medical includes; worn teeth with tartar, old scars on her kissable nose, pressure sores, lipoma – you can see the hanging mass from her armpit and she has a mass also on her rumpus.

Her medical resulted in her being taken to an outside vet. On 2/27 it was discovered she has mild hip dysplasia and soft tissue injury. That is not comfortable and something that has to be considered in her not passing her temp test. She is uncomfortable in her body and doesn’t know if another dog might hurt her. The results are that she bit another dog.

With people, what I DO know is that she is affectionate and the more time I spent with her, the more she pressed for affection from me, the more her eyes became pleading and the more I can see just how wonderful she is.


Magic happened and Maria was rescued by Saving Gizmo’s Friends. She has had the masses removed and at the moment we are waiting to learn more. We put $500 towards her medical care.

Maria, the Pit who loved people