Cameron, paralyzed Chiweenie

He has a deformed front leg and rear legs that don’t work. Prof. Cameron is paralyzed. Add to that, a significant heart murmur. With funds in place for him thanks to our donors, reaching out to a rescue, Lionel’s Legacy, yielded a positive outcome for this sweet, Chiweenie and he was rescued.

Once out of the shelter, Prof. Cameron got to visit the beach in Southern California

and then at the vet, it was learned that he has ‘deep pain sensation’. That is huge, since that means that he can feel and that means that there is a chance for him to walk again. In the meantime, he has no problem scooting around and loves life. He does have wheels, though and he is a mobile little champ!

The ‘deformed’ front leg is due to an old injury and it causes him no problems.

Prof. Camerson’s future is full of rainbows and dreams that come true.

Cameron, paralyzed Chiweenie