Bo, the Pit who stole Hearts

When this 10 yr old pit was rescued from the shelter, he left with staff stopping to say how grateful they were that he was now leaving, what a great dog he is – this boy was a celeb!

Prof. Bo struggled to walk to the car and eagerly got in – 1/2 way – then collapsed with his rear still outside. This boy was determined and with help and inside the car, he headed to the vet. Once there, he could not walk at all and was taken inside via a stretcher. It was devastating – hope was vanishing for his quality of life.


After going over all of his tests, the color of his gums (pink), a quick blood panel (normal results), shockingly he rebounded and was able to walk and had a great appetite. The only thing that could be seen as a condition was his severe arthritis and the fact that he had 2 masses – one ulcerated on his private parts. If they were cancer, the bloodwork didn’t reveal that. His teeth broken at the roots or the ones that were worn down would need a dental, but would not cause what he was exhibiting.

His rescue, Love Always, gave him all the love in the world, attention and respect that he and all Professors of Love deserve.

It turned out that his energy was fleeting – he could stand and be active for about 20 minutes out of a day. On day 7 of his new freedom, he could no longer keep food down and had a horrendous cough. And, Prof. Bo was no longer able to stand or walk. Those 2 things are crucial for any kind of life and he had neither. It wasn’t fair to him to make him stay on Earth.


The room was filled with love showered upon him as 3 of his best friends all laid their hands on him and told him how they each loved him and how he had affected their lives. On this bittersweet day, Prof. Bo got more love than he had ever had in his entire life as he left his physical body. He now has more family to call his own than most dogs do. He is now 3 years old again and has all the energy in the world to do whatever he wants, which will more than likely be to chase cats.


Bo, the Pit who stole Hearts