Leroy – Angel given his Wings and Halo

When getting a call from the Baldwin Park Shelter, it’s usually not a call ‘about the weather’. There was a 19 yr old min pin/doxie type who had just been surrendered (given up by his people) and he was not doing well.

And yes, that was true.

Prof. Leroy was cold with a temp of 94 (which means he’s in shock), very dehydrated, couldn’t stand, wouldn’t swallow and had his nose pointed to the sky. In a million and a half blankets, he was bundled up and after trying to do whatever was possible to help him and realizing that this quality of life was zero and not fair to him, he was taken to emergency at 9pm. If only they could do something to help him? Something? Please?

To hold him overnight and give him love would help who? Him? The person holding him? His situation was not good and was not going to get better. When a dog does not swallow, that alone is a giant clue, red flag, sign that it is ‘time’. Add to that not being able to stand and everything else, the decision was made to give Prof. Leroy the gift of leaving his physical body that was not working anymore. It was time to have him feel like a puppy again, to be able to run, eat whatever he wanted and be given beautiful angel wings, knowing that everyone tried so hard to help him.

His soul departed with twinkling lights around him, kisses on his head. I told him that he did a good job as a dog and that he now has a new family to visit and call his own – mine.

Leroy – Angel given his Wings and Halo