For those special dogs who are in the shelter who are in severe need of medical help and that help is more than the shelter can provide for, the At-Choo Foundation’s goal is to provide funds for that care. It is proven that if there are committed funds, safety comes quicker. We commit funds for their medical help.

Staying in touch with the guardian of the lucky pooch is important as each dog has a mission on earth and we like to learn of the lessons that they are teaching. After all, these are not mere dogs, they are Professors of Love.Prof. Wiley and his new mom.

We can not do this without your help. Together we can cause miracles and ease hearts, souls and the bodies of these dogs who are the neediest of souls in the shelter. They are the ones who are in the back, not easily visible to the public and who have a far less chance of finding safety and help.

These dogs are considered by a lot of people (but, not us) to not be worthy of help. To us, they are magical treasures that have immense power to change our lives, as we help to heal theirs.